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Government and Labor Relations

Providing Leadership and Direction to Delaware’s Policy Makers

Government Relations

  • DCA Leadership serves on the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Trust Fund Task Force. This group evaluates and determines the resource needs for the state’s comprehensive Capital Transportation Program (CTP).
  • DCA Members and Staff are seen as invaluable contributors to Delaware policy development at all levels of government.
  • DCA serves as protector for the sanctity of public bidding in Delaware, providing and preserving transparency to this process.
  • DCA Leadership authored Delaware’s Transportation Trust Fund and lobbies actively for adequate capital funding for the state’s transportation system.
  • DCA’s Government Relations team lobbies for the interests of its Members and continued funding for the state’s Capital Budget/Public Works Program.
  • DCA’s Government Relations team assisted the Delaware Department of Administrative Services in its efforts to develop and secure passage of legislation to establish Delaware’s Prequalification Program for Public Work.
  • DCA’s DelDOT Liaison Committee meets regularly with state transportation officials to resolve issues of concern and to improve the way the industry works with Delaware Department of Transportation.
  • DCA Members and Government Relations team work diligently to block legislation and regulations harmful to the industry while pursuing the passage of legislation, adoption of regulations and implementation of programs that are in the best interests of the construction industry in Delaware.

Labor Relations

  • DCA, through its Allied Division acts as the bargaining agent for Members and their respective Trade Union affiliations. Members are assisted with agreement interpretations and provide guidance during grievance hearings and arbitration.
  • DCA maintains collaborative relationships with general presidents and business managers of Delaware’s building trades to ensure productive results and to facilitate business development opportunities.